Community involvement

The Law Firm is the founder and supporter of AMICUS FUNDACJA WSPARCIA.

The mission of the Foundation is conducting activities necessary to improve legal culture and knowledge in society, supporting business development, providing assistance for people in need and preventing social exclusion of groups or individuals.

Activities of the AMICUS Foundation include:

  • promoting and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility. The Foundation carries out projects of implementation and certification of effective management systems in many areas of business activity (a series of courses and seminars on the subject of various norms);
  • PR support for companies, which significantly reduces barriers in enterprise development (a series of press articles and media reportages, media patronage, etc.);
  • promoting information and legal education in order to improve legal culture and knowledge through the organisation of workshops and courses in cooperation with our Law Firm;
  • cooperation with the Office of the Financial Ombudsman in order to prevent dangerous situations;
  • support for the aggrieved parties in various incidents, e.g. traffic accidents, work accidents, farming accidents, sports accidents and others (claims for compensation in the event of a death of relatives) carried out in cooperation with Centrum Opieki Prawnej (Center for Legal Aid).